Registered Voters: 286,380    REP: 108,442     DEM: 96,150     NPA: 80,241     Other: 1,547

Accessibility online, at the polls

VoteSeminole image of logo indicating assistance for those with disabilities
The Seminole County Supervisor of Elections office is dedicated to serving all voters, including you.

Online Accessibility
To increase the size of text on this website when using a standard keyboard, press the CONTROL button on your keyboard, and at the same time press the PLUS symbol.  To decrease the size of the text, press the CONTROL button, and the MINUS symbol.  On most standard keyboards, the CONTROL button is on lower left area, and the PLUS and MINUS buttons are on the upper right. 

Alternative versions of PDF documents and other elements on this site may be obtained at no charge by calling 407.708.7707 or emailing us at

Voting Accessibility
Every Seminole County early voting center and polling place have undergone extensive accessibility testing by our team, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. 

Every staff member and pollworker take part in voting-specific disability training.  One of the key components of the training is to ask every voter, "how may I be of assistance?"  If you would like assistance in voting, simply ask a pollworker.

Prior to each election, our team visits assisted living facilities to proctor a smooth, trusted voting experience for voters.

Large-print sample ballots are available prior to each election.

Every polling location and early voting center have a dedicated pollworker to assist those with disabilities in casting a ballot on an ADA-compliant voting device.  From an audio ballot, to a touch screen interface with variable text sizes, and which allows those with motor disabilities to more confidently select their choices, our equipment allows all voters a trusted method of casting their ballot.
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