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Seminole County launches website to delineate official election mail from political mail
In the wake of yet another confusing mailing from out-of-town interests to Seminole County homes, Supervisor of Elections Michael Ertel reminds voters to check out the office's special website to help voters delineate legitimate mailings from others.

The w
ebsite leads voters to the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections website,, where a link will display recent and upcoming mailings which emanate from the Seminole County elections office. 

The website received international attention:

The action stems from another mailing from the Washington D.C.-based Voter Participation Center (, (staff bios:

Ertel was sent a tweet about the mailer from a voter who stated the Voter Participation Center tried to register her dead cat to vote.
“While some may chuckle at the thought of a dead cat being offered the opportunity to register to vote, this is a serious matter, as it causes many voters to believe our office would send this, as the mailer had the words ‘Government document enclosed. Do not discard.’ on it,” says Ertel.

Ertel says he hopes the new website will help ease confusion, “Because we are the swing region in the largest swing state in the country, the I-4 corridor and Central Florida is the epicenter of national elections. As the highest voter turnout county which I-4 runs through, it is incumbent on us to ensure our voters have faith in the process. Misleading mailers from out-of-state interests drives a dagger into the heart of our voters’ confidence in the process. It’s my job to ensure my county voters know which mail is official – they’re then smart enough to determine the motives of any other mailers on their own.”

Voters who have received the mailer in error and would like to contact the legal counsel for the Voter Participation Center can reach them at: Jennifer Carrier, or Scott Thomas,

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