Registered Voters: 285,939    REP: 108,461     DEM: 96,054     NPA: 79,932     Other: 1,492


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Think you're too busy to vote?
You can always vote from home.

Seminole County Mail Ballot Request
For ease of scrolling, use the TAB key to move from field to field. 

If after hitting "Send Mail Ballot Request," the form still appears, then look for fields with a red box, indicating a required field was not completed.  Once completed, click the "Send Mail Ballot Request" button again.

If you need your mail ballot sent to an address that is not currently on your voter record, you must mail, fax or email us the request with an original signature.  Use our bilingual print form.

This is my existing voter registration address
I would like to make this my new voter registration address (only voter can update)
I receive mail at my residence address above
The mailing address below is my existing mailing address
Make the mailing address below my new mailing address (only voter can update)
All elections through 2020
Just the next election for which I am eligible
I am making the request for myself
I am a family member requesting on behalf of a voter
I affirm that I am the voter listed above requesting the vote-by-mail ballot, or have been instructed by said voter to request his/her mail ballot, and have provided all the required information, and the information I have supplied above is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge.
I do not affirm. (mail ballot request will not be processed)
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We'll process your request within 48 hours.  Now that you've made the request, you can track the status of your mail ballot just like you can track a FedEx package.  Visit our mail ballot tracking website to track your ballot.
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