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Bienvenido al Condado de Seminole

Gracias por cuidar lo suficiente acerca de nuestra República sea un votante registrado e informado ti. En los últimos años puede haber visto los informes de los medios sobre los problemas de voto de la nación. Puede estar orgulloso de vivir aquí en el condado de Seminole, ya que nuestro equipo ha ganado premios nacionales e internacionales para la gestión de procesos electorales eficientes, justos y confiables. Nuestra declaración de la misión (Elecciones-Excelente de un servicio eficiente fiduciario-conservadurismo-votante confianza) es un conjunto de principios rectores, así como un reflejo de la forma en que llevamos a cabo las operaciones de esta función democrática vital. Bienvenido a casa.

Michael Ertel
Supervisor de Elecciones
Equipo Finest Elecciones de América se reúnen
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Por Michael Ertel 26 dic, 2017
The Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Office closed out 2017 by announcing it was the recipient of two major awards: an international award for reaching out to first-time voters, and a national award for the design and functionality of VoteSeminole.org.

At the 2017 International Electoral Awards ceremony held in Amman, Jordan, the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Office edged international finalists from the United Kingdom and Romania with its #FutureVoter initiative.  According to the presenting body, The International Centre for Parliamentary Studies , "the First Time Voters Award will recognise Electoral Management Bodies or Electoral Management Officials which have taken outstanding measures to facilitate, optimise, and/or help the electoral experience of first time voters, realising the importance of the first electoral experience of a voter and the unique challenges that it raises."  Among all categories, Seminole County joined only Los Angeles County, California as top awardees on this international stage.   Seminole County has twice been recognized by this international elections body, having first received an award in 2013 for voter outreach.

The office website VoteSeminole.org was also recently a recipient of the Golden Web Award by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers .  According to IAWMD, "the Golden Web Awards is a service of the IAWMD and is presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition."  Earlier in the year, the building and creation of Voteseminole.org was a feature of the national ElectionLine.org newsletter,  http://electionline.org/index.php/2017/2157-electionlineweekly-march-30-2017 .

Supervisor of Elections Michael Ertel says, "These awards are more than simply lucite on our desks, but a reflection of the hard work, professionalism and dedication of our entire team of professionals here in Seminole County.  We are known throughout the elections industry as America's Finest Elections Team , and these accolades, while a great way to close out 2017, are merely motivation for us to prove our mettle in 2018 to the most important judges of our work, the voters of Seminole County."
Details about the International Electoral Awards can be found here: http://awards.electoralnetwork.org/finalists-2017.php ; and the Golden Web Awards can be found here: https://goldenwebawards.com/about/
Por Michael Ertel 06 jun, 2017

In response to reports of attempted Russian "hacking" into Florida voter data, Supervisor of Elections Michael Ertel has posted the information below, as well as penned a column for The Orlando Sentinel (click for column) .

2016 Debunk the Bunk (long, but important epilogue): You will be reading news reports today of a purported attempt to access Florida voter registration records by the Russian military. A couple of core facts about this story:

1) Florida voter registrations are public records. Anyone can get them by simply asking their local elections office.

2) The data and physical security measures our office employs for our technology infrastructure are top-notch. We have dug a cyber moat around the data so we can ensure access of sensitive information and systems by only those granted access.

3) We were aware of the cited phishing email the very moment it happened and took measures to ensure we were not impacted.

4) Like everyone who uses email, we are subject to dozens of phishing email scams daily -- we're sophisticated enough to catch them.

5) Important: Even if the bad guys would have accessed our local registration files (which they didn't), those files are in no way connected to vote counting.

6) I've said it hundreds of times, "you can't hack paper." Seminole County votes on trusted paper ballots.

7) In summation: Our election was not hacked by Russians. This whole exercise, however, does highlight two vital tenets of our republic: Elections are best run in our decentralized manner, allowing a greater obstacle for shenanigans; and competent, savvy, independent and principled elections administrators are looking out for you.

8) Like I always close... if anyone is trying to scare you into thinking your legitimate vote won't (or didn't) count, contact your local elections administrator.

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